Who we are?

Meir Sasson

Meir Sasson is an experienced Food Quality specialist. He worked in France and China for about 12 years, standing out in Food Quality Control and Negotiation areas. In 2017, Mr. Sasson went back to Italy and he joined to EAHWORLD LTD, a United Kingdom-based company which operate in Trieste. Is in this place where since 2018, Mr. Sasson works offering the essential support for food operators and giving them of the indispensable tools to export and get more easily to new markets. His works, also, is about making shorter the cultural gap.

Imam Akkad

Dr. Nader Akkad, PhD is an Italian imam, engineer and researcher born in Aleppo, Syria. He lives in Trieste since 1992. After arriving in Trieste to complete his university studies, he holds a master’s degree in civil engineering, several master’s degrees and a doctoral degree research in seismic engineering, inspired by the model of unifying the science and faith of Professor Abdus Salam, the first Muslim scientist to be awarded the Nobel Physics Prize, founder of the ICTP theoretical physics center in 1964 in Trieste. Engaged since his arrival in Trieste with the local Islamic community where he has assumed the role of Imam and since 1994 has been a director of the Koranic school, in 2015 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies in Europe promoted by the Ministry of Education internally for the formation of Italian Imams and became the first imam formed in Italy for the Islamic community of Trieste. He is a member and referent to the moonsighting committee worldwide MCW for ISNA calculations of the Islamic calendar, is a lecturer in the course “Knowing Islam: worship and culture” of the Veritas center in Trieste, is delegated for the interreligious dialogue of the union of the UCOII Islamic Community of Italy, met Pope Francis several times, engaging in the Islamic Christian Dialogue of the CEI.

Our mission

Have food producers place their products in international markets. Complying with all sanitary standards and respecting local traditions to achieve maximum consumer satisfaction. And as an indispensable requirement, they maintain the highest quality indices required by Kosher or Halal regulations, depending on the nature of their customers.

Who is part of our team?

We are aware of the importance of our work team to achieve Kosher and Halal certifications. Therefore, we have highly qualified personnel with long experience in international regulations of the food industry.

We are concerned with keeping ourselves updated on processes and procedures for auditing standardized management systems in terms of Quality, Risks and Compliance, Food Safety, and Occupational Health and Safety in public and private organizations of any character and dimension.

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