Unified Certificate: Kosher and Halal Certification

Company That Provide Kosher And Halal Certificate For Food Industries

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SassonHK: Unified Certificate

SassonHK is the result of a unified certificate of these worlds Kosher and Halal.

We take each other’s strengths and bring them together to provide our clients with the best result, offering them a certificate that will open the doors to a market with more than 1.81 billion people.

A certificate that unify Jewish and Islamic laws in a single seal of guarantee and quality. We refer to the Kosher Certification + Halal Certification, and at SassonHK we are the pioneers worldwide in offering a certificate that will provide enormous results to our clients.

We have taken the best of EatAllHalal and SassonK and have united it in one name. We want to grow with those food producers who trust in our work, our knowledge and our respect for the most relevant religious traditions of the Jewish and Islamic communities.

This is how SassonHK was born to offer a unique certification. That will provide food producers with a seal that guarantees that their products meet the requirements of Jewish and Islamic laws at the same time.

Also, with a Kosher + Halal Certification, we will be helping your products to overcome cultural gaps and cross borders never before expected.

Why is it so important to have a Kosher + Halal Certification?

At SassonHK, we merge them to make it simpler for food producers who need to go much further, where religious and physical barriers would not allow it.

Both certificates, separately, have a big impact on the world market. But, having both seals in a single certificate ensures your products a much bigger impact. A Kosher Certification guarantees the Jew consumer that the product respects and follows Jewish alimentary laws – kashrut.

By this means, just by having a Kosher seal on food products, the company appeals to millions of people that only buy Kosher Certified Products. Following the data from the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation, Kosher products have been registered more than $160 billion in gross income.

On the other hand, a Halal Certification ensures that a product was made, processed, packaged and distributed following the standards established by Islam. We must also remember that the Muslim community is one of the largest in the world.

Therefore, your food products comply with Islamic laws, assure you an exclusive clientele that will offer you very good benefits. We are talking about selling products that will be consumed exclusively by, at most, 1.81 billion people worldwide.

This, not counting the number of people who are obliged to follow a strict diet or who, for social or personal reasons, have decided to join vegetarianism.

SassonHK The benefits of having a Dual Kosher + Halal Certification:

• Products expand towards new horizons, being more competitive and offering the best sales opportunities.

• Customers feel satisfied as they make sure they consume quality food.

• Any consumer interested in a serious 3rd party auditing of a factory.

• Certified foods provide a special guarantee to the Jewish or Islamic communities of our society by not breaking their traditions.

• Food products with Kosher + Halal seal are preferred by vegetarian people or other persons who need to follow a specific diet (i.e., health issues).